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Celestial Vagabond Buzzz (Pirate Nate Stamp)

Celestial Vagabond Buzzz (Pirate Nate Stamp)

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Celestial Vagabond Buzzz in TS Swirl ESP FLX Plastic. These fly amazing with just the right amout of flip, and a steady fade at the end of flight.

The ship that the great Pirate Nate travels in is a mighty vessel that can fly/float through any sort of environment that one might find during intergalactic travel.  While on the seas off the coast of a small island Pirate Nate starting hearing about a portal where no human came back once they entered. So in true Pirate Nate fashion, he went to investigate. What he found was a true marvel, he found the portal in a large cave on this small island. It was a place hidden from ships that would pass by but also large enough for the Celestial Vagabond to passage through. Once he hit the portal the ship jolted forward rapidly with a whirl of color and heat. What happened next no one would believe, the ship was flying through the air above a dark and murky sea. When Pirate Nate looked back he saw that they emerged from the mouth of a giant Megaladon, one of the largest sea creatures in the world.  When he looked up he saw thousands of birds with wingspans of 30+ that appeared to be half-robot and every one of their mechanical eyes were staring directly his way. Where was he? This new world felt unsettling to Pirate Nate but he was pretty sure he knew where he was. He had an old friend to see. He started the ship on an upward trajectory, pulling out of the water and into the sky. Following the birds on as they guide him to a person that Pirate Nate hasn’t seen in a very long time…

Stay tuned for more adventures from Pirate Nate!

Also, the Buzzz is a great flying, beadless midrange. It likes to go really straight at all speeds and this plastic is beautiful, swirly, and pretty gummy! Pirate Nate knocked the stamp out of the park! We couldn’t be happier with the job he did.

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