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Divergent Discs

Kraken (MaxGrip UV)

Kraken (MaxGrip UV)

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The Kraken is an all-purpose fairway driver that flies with precision to the target. It doesn't have too much fade, nor is it too "flippy" for most players. When thrown with control and a smooth release, the Kraken can fly straight and predictably even for new disc golfers. 

MaxGrip UV Discs change color in the sun!

Indoors a MaxGrip UV disc will be one color, but expose it to sunlight and it will darken to a different hue. Watch your handprint or the chains of the basket alter the color and design of your disc. Kids and anyone who likes creativity love playing with MaxGrip UV discs. Light Pink discs turn to Red, Blue to Green, Green to Purple, and Dark Pink to Purple.

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