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Longbowman - Sai Aanada Team Series 2024

Longbowman - Sai Aanada Team Series 2024

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Sai Ananda VIP Chameleon Longbowman – A fantastic control driver from Westside Discs the Longbowman is great for power throwers that need consistent distance mixed with consistent control. Less stable than the Dynamic Discs Felon, the Longbowman slots in nicely in the Trilogy lineup. It won’t flip on you hard and will push a long way before a consistent fade, making it perfect for windy days. Forehands work as well as backhands with this mold, with speed and stability you can crush this disc and still expect it to hyzer as it slows down. It is a must have. Make sure you grab a Westside Discs Sai Ananda VIP Chameleon Longbowman today.

In the same way that the longbow changed warfare, this disc will elevate your game to new heights. With great speed and glide, this small rimmed disc will feel great and release easily for all types of throwers. Get ready to go farther with less effort than you have come to expect in the fairway driver game. The Longbowman is here to help you fly past your current abilities. 

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